Simple Budget-Friendly Leisure Activities

Simple Budget-Friendly Leisure Activities

Don’t let the excuse “I’m on a budget” prevent you from having fun. With a little creativity and some planning ahead, you can still enjoy many leisure activities without busting your budget. Keep reading for some suggestions from Eastern Loans on how to have fun while staying frugal.

Go in a group, split the budget

It might require more planning, but try organising an excursion with a group of friends or family. This way, you can profit from group discounts on things like tours, museum visits, hotel rooms, eating out at restaurants, etc. Unlike going solo, you’ll have plenty of others to split costs with, making it easier on your budget. You can plan a variety of events to suit everyone’s interests. For example, for something more adventurous, try a group kayaking trip. Looking for something more low-key? See if your local movie theatre offers group rates so you can enjoy your favourite movie together at a discount. Often, businesses like restaurants and theaters will have cheaper options on particular week days when business is slower.

Mother Nature doesn’t charge admission

Even if your local park does charge an admission fee, it is still most likely cheaper than a restaurant meal or concert tickets. Besides, did you know being in nature can increase creativity, enhance your immune system and help you focus better? And that’s not even considering the exercise you’ll be getting in the process. Even for those who claim they aren’t really adventure lovers, there is undisputable benefit in spending just a short amount of time in nature. Start a jogging or cycling club with friends. Or, discover a new hiking trail. Pack a picnic, water and comfortable shoes, and you’re all set! Whatever you do, you’ll surely come home feeling invigorated, rested and inspired — all without putting a dent in your budget.  

Start a project

This one is especially useful if you have kids. Nothing says fun like getting your hands into some play dough and making some colourful critters, or starting a terrarium garden. For older children, try starting something that requires more critical thinking or long-term planning skills. Suggestions: start a backyard garden, plan a themed menu (click here for tips on healthy eating on a budget) or organize a neighbourhood soccer tournament. Whatever activity you choose, remember the importance of being guided by creativity and your personal interests. This will help you enjoy yourself and forget that you’re automatically saving money instead of doing a more structured and expensive activity.

Have fun by giving back

The simplest way to find joy may be by donating your time to help others. Loan your leisure time as a reading buddy for children at your local library or tutor a high-school student. Try delivering meals or library books to seniors or lending a hand at a soup kitchen. If you are an animal-lover, your local animal shelter could undoubtedly use support in any form. This could include doing a bake sale fundraiser, collecting donations of pet supplies at your workplace, or walking dogs. Speaking of work, getting your colleagues to pitch in for a common cause is a great way to minimize each person’s individual contribution, not to mention to build team spirit in the office. Because sometimes, all it takes to put a smile on your face is to make someone else smile first.
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