Terms and conditions

TERMS & CONDITIONS / Privacy Policy

Easternloans.com is subject to federal and provincial laws regarding the protection of
personal information, including the Personal Information Protection and Electronic
Documents Act and the Personal Information Protection Act. Thus, Easternloans.com shall
take the necessary measures to comply with these laws and ensure the confidentiality and
privacy of all information on its customers, collected from the on-line requests by the users
of the site and in the process of granting loans.

This Privacy Policy sets out the practices of Easternloans.com for collection, use and
disclosure of personal information of its customers by mail, email or sms.
Personal Information: Personal information means all relevant information that may serve
to identify an individual, as more fully described in the applicable laws on privacy and
confidentiality, whether this information is provided voluntarily by the customer or from a
third party, with the consent of the customer.

Methods of collecting information: Easternloans.com collects personal information in a
variety of direct and indirect interactions with its customers, including through interactive
forms and applications online on Easternloans.com’s website. By completing the
interactive forms and loan applications, the customer agrees to these terms and
conditions and gives Easternloans.com implied consent for the collection and use of
personal information contained therein as well as those contained in the documentation
provided in support of the loan application. The customer also agrees that
Easternloans.com obtains personal information by reference, for example from financial
institutions, employers, credit bureaus, third parties and other institutions identified in
interactive forms and loan applications.

Information collected: the information collected shall include:
Name, mailing address;
Phone numbers and facsimile;
Email address;
Date of birth, gender;
Family situation;
Social insurance number, health insurance number and driver’s license number;
Occupation and employment (duration, salary, etc);
Name and address of the employer;
Income (personal, family and other sources of income);
Data on the financial situation (assets, liabilities, bank statements, etc.);

Any other information collected with the approval of the client;
In addition to personal and financial information submitted by a customer,
Easternloans.com may collect information about the customer’s computer including, where
available, his IP address, operating system and browser type – for system administration
and to report aggregate information to advertisers.

Easternloans.com may also collect statistical data about browsing actions and patterns.
This information does not identify any individual. Easternloans.com may also obtain
information about customer’s general internet usage by using a cookie file which is stored
on the hard drive of his computer.

The purposes for which the information is collected: All personal information collected by
Easternloans.com is confidential. Such information is collected for the main purpose of
assessing the client’s eligibility to the requested loan and to follow through with the said
loan, when granted. Easternloans.com also collects personal information for the purpose of
distributing promotional materials through newsletters and/or emails and text message.
The use of personal information: Easternloans.com uses personal information in the
ordinary course of administering its business, notably to create the customer’s account,
contact the customer as part of the administration of the account, provide services and
answer any customer’s questions, establish and verify the identity, accuracy and
completeness of the information provided by the customer, conduct a credit check and
determine eligibility for loans, verify employment, references and contacts, grant,
administer and service loans and collect or otherwise enforce any contract with customers.
Easternloans.com may use the personal information collected to send promotional
materials or other information regarding the services and products of the company to its
customers. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, Customer agrees to be included in
the mailing of promotional materials and news letter list. The customer who wishes to
withdraw its coordinates from the mailing list can contact Easternloans.com at the
coordinates listed bellow or click on the tab “unsubscribe” at the bottom of one of the
received messages.

The use of cookies enables Easternloans.com to improve its customers service, estimate its
audience size and usage patterns, store information about its customer’s preferences and
recognise them when they return to its site. For more information regarding the privacy
policy applicable to this information, it is recommended to download the full version by
clicking on the following link: privacy policy or contact Easternloans.com’s assigned agent
at the coordinates below.

Access to information: Easternloans.com’s agents who are authorized to manage customer
accounts and respond to requests for loans have access to the personal information
contained therein. Agents assigned to advertising and promotional offers from
Easternloans.com have access to the sole information needed to create and manage
mailing lists for promotional purposes.

Easternloans.com may disclose customer’s personal information to loan brokers,
surety companies, financial institutions, lending institutions, creditors and employers
as part of the fulfillment of its obligations under the loan agreement with the customer.

The applicant acknowledges that in order to obtain a loan, any and all past due amounts
owed to any lender in our network in the applicant’s name must be settled prior to the new
loan being approved. Should there be such any such amount remaining at the time that
this application is received, the applicant provides their consent and authorization that the
repayment of any prior balance owed be completed using the information provided for the
purpose of the current application regardless of end result of said application.
Easternloans.com may disclose customer’s personal information to collection agencies, law
firms and judicial courts, for the purposes of debt collection and for the exercise of any
remedies under any contract or services agreement with the customer.

Easternloans.com may be required to disclose customer’s personal information to
government authorities, notably, in order to fulfill its legal obligations, including for the
purpose of verifying compliance with applicable laws.

Easternloans.com can provide access to customer’s personal information to various agents
responsible for the operations and administration of the affairs of the company (sales and
marketing, administration, operating system, legal affairs, etc.) or third parties (technical
services, postal services, servers, etc.) and this only to the extent necessary for the
performance of their respective duties.

Right to consult and amend: At any time the customer has the right to know the nature of
the data collected on him, to consult and to ask to make any corrections or additions
required. Any request to this effect must be made to Easternloans.com at the coordinates
listed below.

Right to oppose and withdraw: At any time the customer may withdraw consent to the
collection, use and disclosure of personal information in whole or in part. Such withdrawal
may result in denial of Easternloans.com to provide certain services and / or products.
However, given the consent to collect, use and disclose personal information for services
running will remain valid until complete fulfillment of the contractual obligations of the
customer under the loan agreement. Similarly, the consent shall remain valid for certain
disclosures (including but not limited to, retain transaction data or business, disclose to
government authorities as required to comply with the law, etc.). Any request to this effect
must be made to Easternloans.com at the coordinates listed bellow.

Security of data: Easternloans.com, processes and stores the customer’s personal data in a
secure environment, for the duration of the execution of the contract with the customer
and for a reasonable period in order to meet legal requirements, statutory, insurance,
security and data processing. The data are kept at places of business of the company.
Easternloans.com shall take all reasonable steps to protect the customer’s personal
information using physical, electronic or appropriate safety procedures, including backup
protection against loss or theft, the use of secured areas (restrictions to disclosure, copying,
use or modification).

Security systems applied by Easternloans.com meet or exceed industry standards. The
systems are tested regularly in order to update security mechanisms according to the everchanging technologies.

Contacting Easternloans: This privacy policy is updated periodically. For more information
regarding this policy, it is recommended to contact Easternloans.com’s assigned agent at
the following coordinates: