Top 5 DIY Christmas gifts

The holidays are here, and while this season should be a stress free, happy time of the year, many are stressing about how to stretch their dollars further. In a time when many are struggling to pay their monthly bills, gift giving can become a financial burden which brings more stress than joy.  One way to give meaningful gifts on a tight budget is to make do-it-yourself presents for those on your list.
Homemade Christmas gifts can be made from scratch or repurposed from items you already have in your home. They can be as simple or as creative as you like, all while staying on budget. Now, for a look
at my top five favorite DIY Christmas gifts:

1 DIY Multi-Strand Scarf

A DIY multi-strand scarf can be just the thing for the scarf-loving diva in your life. Using just
a large t-shirt, some scissors and a ruler you can make a no sew scarf in only 10 minutes and for only the
cost of the t-shirt. Or make it a no-cost gift by using a shirt that you already have.
DIY Instructions and Project Credit

2 Jewelry Display

Make a jewelry display out of a picture frame and a radiator grill or some chicken wire. Such
a creative gift for the jewelry lover in your life! This adorable gift can be made for just $10 and a few
minutes of your time.
DIY Instructions and Project Credit 

3 DIY Reusable Heat Pack

A DIY reusable heat pack is the perfect practical gift for a grandparent or someone who
uses heat packs for joint or muscle pain and is easy to make. You will just need less than a yard of fabric,
some thread and some rice.
DIY Instructions and Project Credit

4 A Picture Clock

A picture clock is a perfect gift for anyone on your gift list! This DIY gift is a little more
expensive than the others on my favorite’s list, but for about $15 you can make your friend or family
member a personalized clock. You just need the photo, MDF board, mod podge, a little paint, and clock
DIY Instructions and Project Credit 

5 Sugar Scrub

Everyone loves a good sugar scrub! For just the cost of some sugar, almond oil, food coloring
and peppermint essential oil you can make some festive peppermint sugar scrub that feels amazing.
DIY Instructions and Project Credit 
Homemade Christmas gifts have great sentimental value and will become irreplaceable gifts that will be
treasured for a lifetime because of the love and thought that was put into them. And best of all, you will
be sticking to your budget while putting a smile on your loved one’s face!


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