Top 5 Budget Apps That Are Free

When it comes to money, being prepared is crucial. Employing apps on the computer, such as Quickbooks and Excel to control your finances, is a tremendous start. However, what about when you need something on the go? Take advantage of the smartphone you use daily and turn it into a powerhouse for your finances.
Applications listed below are both, iPhone and Android friendly. Each application is free to download and to use. Nonetheless, some of these applications do offer Pro or Premium editions to their free counterpart.
Simple, easy and with an all-in-system, Mint offers a progressive approach to helping you aggregate your money. From putting in your expenses to up-to-date savings tips, Mint is there every step of the way. The application has continued to make strides within the financial world; now offering Mint Bills, that help you allocate money at the right time to stay on top of monthly invoices.
Good Budget
Dayspring Technologies, Inc. offers Good Budget, formerly known as the Easy Envelope Budget Aid, to provide an overhaul on the day to day budget. Whether you use this application on your iPhone or Android phone, you will receive a fast and easy method of budgeting your money.
Mvelope Budget app
In order to use this software, knowledge of the envelope system would be prudent. How this works is simple, you set aside enough for the expenses into “envelopes” and you budget the rest of your money for the future. For example, just a few things you will want to make envelopes for:

  • Rent
  • Food
  • Date Night
  • Electricity
  • Insurance

Good Budget offers advice on how to live out your budget and stick to a method for the long haul. Their motto for freedom of debt is: “live out your budget, talk with people you trust and give generously.”
Home Budget
Anishu, Inc. provides a dynamic financial application that can be used on a regular Windows computer, an Apple computer, an Amazon tablet as well as both iPhone and Android phones. The “lite” version of this application is free, however, you are limited to a certain amount of transactions and features you may use. Home Budget tracks mileage and business expenses for tax purposes with easy to understand reports. The unique quality of Home Budget can be found in the debt strategy portion of this application. Home Budget allows you to input your debts and then it will identify the best payoff strategy to cut your debt.
Recently, CLEEVIO s.r.o released the Spendee 2.0 version of their software, which has expanded the functions of the application. Sharing wallets, which is a version of the envelope system, between friends and family, allows for dynamic budgeting and a second eye for detail. Spendee has also added the ability to budget each wallet instead of an overall budget. Under high demand, the filtering system for Spendee has been extended to include people, categories and places. On the Google Play store, Spendee is rated 4.2 out of 5.0 stars.


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