Strategies to save money on groceries

Grocery shopping can be extremely expensive if you don’t come up with strategies before going to the store. Here are nine helpful tips that will make you save money when shopping for food.

Make one trip

Instead of going multiple times in the week, it is better to make one single trip to the store. This way, you can buy everything at once and limit the number of unneeded items you buy when you go.

Plan Ahead

When grocery shopping, it is always best to plan ahead to make sure to only buy what is needed. Planning what you are going to eat every day and making a very detailed list of what you need in order to make those meals will help you stay on track.
Don’t Go If You’re Hungry
Going to the grocery store hungry will make you want to buy everything that looks tasty. Eating before going grocery shopping will help you focus on what you meant to buy and not flange at the sight of what you want to eat right now.

Use Coupons

As obvious as it seems, coupons are the best way to save money on your groceries. Coupons can be found very easily online as various brands will offer them in order to make you try their new products.

Empty the Pantry

The food piling up in your pantry may be more useful than you think. Give yourself the goal to use at least two items a week, plan your meals around them instead of buying new things. In other words, use what you got first before buying new things.

Buy in Bigger Quantities

It may seem more expensive at first but buying in bulk is actually one of the best ways to save a lot of money. If you know, for example, that every day you eat the same granola bar, you can buy a bigger quantity because you know you will eat them all.

Stock on specials

In the same way buying in bigger quantities work, when the item you eat every day is on super sale, buy more than one package so that when the sale is over you don’t have to buy more at the regular price.

Go alone

Going to the groceries store with someone else will cause discussions about the food around you that will make you more tempted to buy things you do not need.

Don’t buy precut food

Shredded cheese, precut fruits or any other type of precut food is definitely not worth the extra money. In fact, when buying these types of foods, you pay extra for the preparation of the said food.


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