Types Of Renovations That Pay Off Your Electricity Bill!

Having to do renovations in your home can elicit different reactions. This depends often on whether it is an aesthetic choice, an obligation, or an emergency leading to renovations.

Fun VS Not-so-fun renovations

When doing renovations to your home for aesthetic purposes, it often means you’ve taken the time to think about it, to plan it, to visualize it. This whole process inherently has an aspect of enjoyment. You want to do it, you are motivated to do it. Mostly, you can envision how beautiful the result would be and so you relish the start (and especially the end) of the renovations. You’ve also had time to put money aside for it, and or figured out a payment plan that works with your budget. That is the fun type of renovations.
Then you’ve got the not-so-fun type of renovations. Those that your dread. Those that don’t necessarily bring about a visual satisfaction but that leave a big dent in your wallet. I’ve recently had water damage leading to mold in my walls. The work that needed to be done cost 3000$ and my house doesn’t look any nicer. It was an unexpected expense, and didn’t really fit into my budget, at all. However, it had to be done, for health reasons. This is the type of renovations no one enjoys doing.
What if I were to tell you though, that there is a type of renovation that is not aesthetic, but that could offer another type of satisfaction. It is what I call energy efficiency renovations.

Energy efficiency renovations

This type of renovation falls under the category of obligation, though not necessarily executed by many. This is the type of renovation that will actually bring cash back into your account!
If you take the time to research and break it down, your home’s eco-efficiency level can have a huge impact on the energy you consume, thus on your energy bill.
This is why many governmental programs have been put into place over time. The reason being is to encourage home-owners to optimize your house’s efficiency.
So what does that actually mean? Well, it means that you may have a low energy cost type of heating system in your house, but if your doors and windows are letting the cold winter air in, you’ll just be using your home’s heating system to compensate those leaks.
Make the list, get informed and transform your home into an energy efficient home to save your money!


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