Make Your Small Space Trendy By Applying These Simple Rules!

Are you stuck with white walls that are slowly draining your energy and impacting your mentality making your life feel monotonous and empty? Or maybe your room isn’t very spacious, and it feels cluttered although you tidy it regularly.
Here are a few simple changes you can do even if you’re no expert in interior design,

Colour Schemes:

Paying attention to your colour choices is a very simple trick. As it can up your decoration game immediately and make your place feel more spacious, trendy and classy all at the same time.
One keyword to this is – monochromatic! First you need to understand that you have your primary colours and secondary colours. Therefore, you don’t have to be boring with your colour choices you just need to know where to place them!

Primary Colours:

Choosing a colour palette instead of random colours is a great first step. Starting with cream and pastel colours is usually a great choice for your primary colours (bigger walls, main bedding, couches). You can also choose multiple shades of your colour of choice for this and it will still be easy on the eyes!

Accent Colours:

Now as you’re done placing your primary colours, you can have some fun with your accent colour choices.
Accent colours are a perfect place to let your personality shine. Whether you like a strong pop of colour or you’d rather keep things simple, your options are endless! If you’re not interested in incorporating too many colours utilizing black as an accent colour is very trendy and a smart choice, yes you heard that right! Black can be a beautiful accent colour for a minimal & non-boring look. And if you’re more into strong colours, choosing one to two colours max would be a good choice. However, make sure they are homogenous, and if you’re unsure try looking at a few colour palettes for some ideas. You can also use patterns and textures to give your decor some dimension and remember to keep your accent colours for (throw pillows, throw blanket, a chair, or wall art).

Placement & Space Saving  

Where everything goes is a crucial factor for your peace of mind, one thing which is worth looking into if you have a small place is space-saving furniture, adopting a minimal approach and choosing items wisely requires some tough decisions, and there’s no way around decluttering if your ultimate aim is to decongest your space, so yes, I am telling you, you need to donate or throw away some of those things that have been sitting around untouched.


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