9 Great Ways to Invest in Yourself - Part 1

Invest in YourselfThere is a limitless number of various projects to invest in, such as assets, stock market, mutual funds, rental housing. Even with a small sum of money, there’s always a spot for you in the field of investment. While all of this is important, the most important of all is to invest in is YOURSELF.
There are plenty of ideas that you can implement in your lifestyle that are low to no cost at all. Below, I collected a few things that will help you grow as a person:

1- Don’t Fear the Wanderlust

Many people might feel overwhelmed by traveling because they don’t feel comfortable changing their routine or leaving their comfort zones. However, it is fair to argue that all of us can use some time off to recharge and relax away from school and/or work.
While traveling, you learn so much about the world and yourself; it allows you to challenge, and push yourself forward. You can use it as a coping mechanism to destress your worries away. Travel in itself is educational, it opens your mind to new perspectives in life, introduces you to unique experiences.

2- Wake up early for a reason

Waking up early every morning to have some quality time with yourself and be prepared for the day ahead is popular advice & we may hear a lot, especially from successful people. When you are refueled and well-rested, you are more likely to perform better and be more productive than usual. Although it might seem hard to drag yourself out of your warm bed in the morning, you can try to make it less of a pain by finding yourself a motivation. This can be waking up to drink your favorite Chai Tea, meditate, or go for a run. Use this time wisely, think of something that you’ve always wanted to add to your daily routine but never found the time and wake up for it.

3- Invest in good friendships

Filter out toxic relationships from your life, don’t feel the obligation to stick around people you don’t enjoy anymore just for the sake of the old days, they suck all your energy away. On the contrary, do not be afraid to go out into the world, meet new people, and make new friendships. So, choose your friends wisely, invest your time and energy only in worthy relationships.

4- Set deadlines to manage your time

Think of your to-do list for this week. Make a clear, thought-out plan of what you like to do, need to do, and have to do, give yourself a realistic time frame to achieve these goals.
If one goal is hard or time-consuming like studying for an exam or renovating your kitchen, chunk it down into more specific tasks and put deadlines for when you want to be done with what. This way big projects are not as overwhelming and are completed in a more organized manner.


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