How to Fall in Love With Monotonous Things During Quarantine

Due to this pandemic, many people around the world are under quarantine for longer periods of time, it’s getting more and more boring to just lie on the couch all day long and moving from bedroom to living room as Netflix plays in the background of this loop, it seems to be the only thing to do, right?
Not really! there are plenty of activities that can be done during your time indoors, here are some!

 1- Cleaning doesn’t have to feel like a chore!

Cleaning the house is one of the first things which come to my mind personally. Every time I decide to spend the weekend at home, and now that we are having this endless “weekend”. Maybe you should consider doing a deep cleanse! I know, this doesn’t sound so fun but it can totally become an activity you enjoy and benefit from at the same time. Put on some music, organise your tasks and start slowly, you’ll find that cleaning doesn’t have to feel like a chore! It’s going to  keep you moving and make you feel accomplished.

 2- Reading for non-bookworms

We all have at least a few hard copies of books that have been sitting on a shelf untouched, maybe they were a gift, they belong to your parents, or maybe you bought them and never got around to reading them, well what better time than now!
If you’re not a huge bookworm and think you’re yet to have the mindset to commit this much time to something new like reading, you can always consider articles. Articles and blogs are short and sweet and are condensed with information and don’t require you to commit to reading about one thing for longer than 3 minutes! And more often they contain links to relevant websites, other articles or resources which might be of interest to you.

3- Quarantine will bring out the chef in you!

Yes, it’s time to let out the chef inside you! Don’t be afraid if you’ve burnt food before or think you’re not that great of a cook. Cooking can be very therapeutic and I promise you’ll be so proud of yourself that first time you manage to ace a recipe! 

4- Thrive on internet treasures!

How many times did you find yourself scrolling through social media feeds and saw this incredible online course you have always dreamed of but never had enough time!
It happens to me ALL THE TIME! Now is the perfect time to take on this opportunity to develop new skills and gain more knowledge. Whether it’s for fun or to improve on skills relevant to your field of work or study.

 5- Step back & reflect

Quarantine puts pressure on almost everyone. Set-up and beautify a small corner of your house and get to know your own self and possible home decor skills. Even in your garden if you have one, or go discover nearby nature’s gifts, take out your map and get wandering!

6- Contact old friends

Life is always rushing, we graduate and start new jobs really fast that we lose connection. Wether it’s with our old friends and people which were a great part of our lives. It’s just a nice gesture to call and check on how they’re doing from time to time. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you after all that time.

7- Get into puzzle solving

Such a good way to spend the time, bring this box full of coloured pieces and give yourself a new challenge.
Maybe you’ll find that you obtain a great talent in problem-solving and start getting into the more complex ones! And who knows maybe you’ll turn out an expert by the end of your quarantine!
Bottom line is, this time is like a free gift given to you, don’t take it for granted and spend it irresponsibly. Get creative with your solutions and activities!


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