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How to Avoid Minor Expenses

When thinking of ways to save, downsizing your home or buying a used car instead of a new one may come to mind. These bigger-ticket items will undoubtedly help you keep your expenses in check and are likely sensible choices to make. However, there are also plenty of small, daily expenses that you can minimize or eliminate to help increase your savings. These may revolve around choices like what you eat, how you shop and what services you use. As you’ll see, there are many ways in which small expenses can quickly accumulate in your day-to-day life.

Morning cuppa…

Do you find yourself dishing out $2-3 (plus tax!) daily for a coffee that isn’t even made to your liking? Save daily by preparing your beverages instead of paying for an overpriced drink. Namely, take a few extra minutes to prep your morning caffeine fix. Doing this yourself means you can make your coffee exactly as you wish. This way, you can avoid the possible disappointment of feeling that you didn’t get what you paid for. No time to make your coffee in the morning? Prepare it before bed! Then, all you’ll have to do when you get up is press a button or turn a dial.

Save on snacks

Does a daily mid-afternoon energy slump make you reach for a snack-size bag of chips or a candy bar? To prevent your cravings from eating into your savings, prepare simple snacks ahead of time. Make a batch of no-bake energy balls or keep a basket of fruit at your workplace. Likewise, try making meals in advance so you can just grab and go. Not only is this healthier, it’s also cheaper than hitting up a fast food joint for lunch every day. Also, it’s certainly tastier than picking up a stale, premade sandwich from the corner store! Make freezer-friendly burritos or large batches of salad to which you can then add various toppings. Or, double the portions of whatever you’re making for dinner to have enough for a lunch later in the week.

Shop smart

Sure, grocery prices are inarguably rising. However, one of the easiest ways to save is by signing up for a rewards program. Every time you swipe your rewards card when shopping, you’ll be accumulating savings little by little. Rewards might come in the form of discounts on future shopping trips, flights or other expenses. To maximize your savings from these rewards, try incorporating some of the store’s featured items into your shopping list. Additionally, being a student or a senior often gives you access to further savings. Just plan ahead to shop on whichever day that a particular store offers these sorts of discounts. Savings don’t stop at the swipe of your card though – be sure to also bring your reusable bags. This way you can avoid the small fee that many grocery stores now charge for plastic ones. Of course, you’ll be a more environmentally-friendly shopper too! Buying in bulk quantities is another great strategy. This allows you to pay a few cents less per pound and reduces your number of shopping trips. You can buy everything from nuts, flour and sugar to candy, dog treats and toilet paper in bulk.

Share services

Why pay for an entire phone or internet plan, not to mention all the attached fees and add-ons? See if you can share instead. Depending on the provider, having a family plan could get you benefits like unlimited calling or texting between plan members. Likewise, check with your neighbours to see if they would be interested in splitting wi-fi costs.


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