A Fun Hobby Can Make You Money in Your Free Time

With another round of lockdowns, quarantine has allowed some of us to explore and pick up multiple hobbies. It has helped keep us sane and take a break from reality. One of the best parts about having a hobby, other than the solace it provides, is that we can sometimes make some extra pocket money out of it. This means anybody can make money in their spare time from things they enjoy doing. You’re killing two birds with one stone!
Picking up a new hobby can be really easy. We’re here to help you explore which of them can make you some extra money!

Sell Handmade Products

If you like woodworking, pottery, painting, or some other handmade item, then look no further! You can make money by selling at local craft fairs or posting an advertisement on an online platform to reach more online shoppers. The latter is a popular option nowadays especially with websites like Etsy, Poshmark or DePop.

Hunt at a Thrift Store

Reselling is huge because there’s a market of people always looking to find a great deal. This is a great way to make an easy profit. You can buy clothes from thrift stores at very cheap and reasonable prices and put them up for sale online! The profit margins are amazing and allow you to make pretty great income. To make the best of it, do your research ahead of time to get an idea of what items have high resale value. You won’t be the first to make a hobby out of this, but it may become your new favourite.

Selling Your Homemade Goods!

If quarantine has allowed you to discover your inner chef, then this one is for you. A hobby like that can be a great way to satisfy not only your tastebuds, but your wallet as well! There are multiple ways you can earn some extra money through cooking. The first one being the quickest and easiest – by starting a food blog. You could use your food blog to share new recipes once or twice a week and eventually earn some solid income. Food bloggers are in high demand for advertising companies nowadays. If you can land a sponsored post – you can earn hundreds of dollars for just a few hours of content a week! Another option is to be more hands-on. Offering your cooking/baking services to friends, family or people in your community is a good way to earn some extra money. There are many people who prefer a nice home-cooked meal to store-bought ones! So, if you advertise properly, you can make your own little side business out of it!

Sell the Things You Don’t Need Anymore

Not only is decluttering good for the mind and soul – but selling objects that you no longer use is an easy and sustainable way to earn some extra cash. There are a plethora of online stores which provide a free platform for people to list their things for sale – so make the best of it!

Start a Blog, Vlog or Podcast

Whatever your hobby, you may be able to make some money by sharing it with the world digitally. You can do so through video, words or voice. There are many ways to monetize a blog. There are affiliate link programs, selling advertising spots or selling products or services. The goal is to create an audience, which begins with putting your ideas in writing and sharing them with the world. Gaining success through these mediums takes consistency, dedication and honesty; the more of yourself you share, the more people will relate.


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