Five Ways to Save Money

Trying to balance work, school, home, and your social life can be quite difficult, especially when you are trying to save money. Don’t let procrastination have an impact on your wallet. Through stashing cash and cutting expenses, you can begin saving. Let’s look at five easy things you can do to save money.
1. Follow Internet Saving Sites
Although this may seem untraditional, internet money-savers sent to your inbox is an easy to gain access to freebies, samples, and an endless supply of coupons. Most of these sites allow you to limit the number of emails sent so you’re inbox isn’t clogged. These easy offers are great for using around the house or trying out before purchasing.
2. Rent or Borrow Items
When completing projects or tackling tasks, many individuals tend to run to the store for items they need. Ask your family, friends, or neighbors if they have what the job requires before opening your pocketbook to purchase something new. If you are connected on social media sites, link up with networks that are selling items that are gently used. You’ll be surprised to see how many people are exactly in the same situation as you and creating that kind of network can save everyone a pretty penny as well.
3. Find Expenses to Cut
Review your bank statements or monthly costs and find at least one expense that you can cut, reduce, or negotiate away. This can range anywhere from a gym membership you don’t use to additional television channels you are paying a premium for. Furthermore, keep credit cards at home in a safe place. This makes it less likely that you will pull it out with friends and spend unnecessary money.
4. Create a Grocery Spending Chart
Look at the items you buy most frequently at the grocery store and compare prices in newspapers when they are delivered. Often there are coupons or price alerts for these items. This is even simpler if you use an online food shopping site as you can easily see the deals when they are added to your shopping cart. Sticking to your grocery list is also the best way to avoid unhealthy, unnecessary and costly items that make your bill go up.
5. Save on Home Energy Bills
Turn off and unplug items that are not in use such as charging appliances, lights, and heating and air conditioning. Programmable thermostats are a great way to automatically regulate the temperature in a home. Compare your bills and see how much money you have saved after a month to pinpoint what major appliances are draining your dollars. Think long run as good habits will make you keep more money in your pockets. A dollar here, a dollar there, try to remember that a dollar saved is two dollars earned, that’s how you’re starting to create wealth.


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