Best Finance Bloggers

Finance blogs are very diverse. From day to day saving, to index investing and debt managing, there are many blogs out there to help you learn about finance or manage your budget. The five following blogs are some of the best out there. All five of them are unique and different from one another but all worth reading on a regular basis.

Cait Flanders

Category: everyday budgeting

Best article: How to Create a Monthly Budget.

Cait Flanders started a blog in June 2011 to document her journey through debt repayment. Formerly named Blonde on a budget, Cait’s blog is a mix and match of tips and trick on how to handle your personal finance as well a chronicle about her own experiences. She also informs her readers on how to make small changes every day to live a more minimalist lifestyle.

Canadian Couch Potato

Category: Investment guidance

Best article: Model portfolio

Dan Bortolotti is an investment advisor and decided to start writing this blog to help people understand the basic of investing. The name Canadian Couch Potato is referring to the fact that he believes investing can be very easy and relaxed when done the right way. His blog is designed to guide the reader through out the steps of making their first investments and choosing how and where to invest

Give me back my Five Bucks

Category: Financial independency

Best article: 5 ways to diversify your income this year.

Krystal Yee decided to start her give me back my five bucks blog in 2007 at a period of her life when she was drowned in debt. Her journey to financial recovery was more than successful and now wishes to help other in getting financially independent. Even though Yee is not a financial adviser nor a personal finance expert, she gives great advises on how to manage your money through stories from her personal experiences.

Money after Graduation

Category: Personal finance

Best article: What do you really know about managing money?

Bridget Eastgaard is the creator and main writer of this blog. 5 years ago she embarked on this journey wanting to offer millennial simple ways of not only getting rid of their student debts but also well invest their income. On top of the regular and diverse articles posted regularly, Money after Graduation also offers a series of eCourses on some personal finance basics.

Urban departures

Category: Everyday economics

Best article: 10 things you need to know about mortgages.

Emily and Daniel started urban departures to share their own experiences in personal finance. Without being professional in finance, both of them are self-proclaimed nerds and love to apply economic and financial concepts to everyday situation as well as give great advice for newcomers.


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