5 Great Post-COVID Travel Destinations!

COVID travelThe COVID-19 pandemic has presented the challenge of the decade to all economic sectors, especially tourism. The precautions taken by world leaders meant travel restrictions on a national and international level until they have the knowledge and facilities to come up with a better solution. Because of that, the tourism industry is trying some new strategies to attract back its clients and travel enthusiasts. If you miss hopping on a plane to explore the world beyond where you live, we have created a list with 5 countries that are promoting very tempting post-COVID travel deals. Check it out! 

European Post COVID Travel Spots

Sicily, Italy

14-Day New COVID19 Cases: +7.6%
Fatality rate: 11.6%
After being a COVID-19 epicenter, Italy is finally opening up its doors for travelers. Now, the Italian island of Sicily, one of Europe’s most beautiful islands, is offering to pay a portion of your post-COVID travel costs if you decide to visit later this year. They announced to pay for half of your airfare! What else? One out of every three hotel nights, and many free tickets to museums and archeological sites.


14-Day New COVID19 Cases: +10.6%
Fatality rate: 1.3%
This small, Meditteranean, tourist-based, island was greatly affected by COVID-caused travel restrictions. In an attempt to recover from this crisis and make their tourists feel safe coming back, they came up with a very exciting deal for you. Cyprus has promised to cover all holiday costs for any visitor that contracts the coronavirus during their stay. This includes meals, accommodation, and hospitalization. This means that you only have to pay for your flight ticket and transport from and to the airport. 

Central American Post COVID Travel Spots



14-Day New COVID19 Cases: +9.4%
Fatality rate: 10.5%
Mexico is very excited to welcome back it’s visitors after a long period of lockdown. To hype you all up, they launched a new campaign to promote tourist destinations in the Mexican Caribbean, all the way from Cancun to Cozumel. The offer includes “two free nights for every two nights paid for by guests, two free days of car rentals for every two days paid for, free stays for up to two children when two adults book, as well as 20% off at participating theme parks, golf courses, and spas.” (Hoeller, 2020)

Asian Post COVID Travel Spots


14-Day New COVID19 Cases: +17.3%
Fatality rate: 0.8%
Reassuring tourists that they can come to Uzbekistan confidently, the government has vouched to commit to any traveler who tests positive during their stay. They promised to do so by compensating each positive-tester with $3,000 to cover their medical and living costs. However, keep in mind that this deal only applies to you if you were a part of a tour group accompanied by a tour guide.

Sri Lanka

14-Day New COVID19 Cases: +4.8%
Fatality rate: 0.4%
If you’re looking for a runaway from polished city life, you should consider visiting Sri Lanks. Sri Lanka has always been a favorite destination for foreigners. To combat a 70% reduction in tourism, The Fortress Resort and Spa in the southern coastline is offering a 50% discount on all rooms. This beach resort is a mix between Dutch and Portuguese colonial touches and modern local features. It is also a short drive away from many fun activities such as whale-watching and sea turtle conservation.
Take advantage of these travel deals now; you do deserve a break and we don’t know when the next pandemic will happen and provide us with such tempting deals!


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