3 Easy Ways to Trick Yourself Into Your Saving Money

There are lots of scams out there and ways that sellers are tricking you out of your hard-
earned cash. But what if there was a way to use trickery to your advantage? I’ve found useful tips that will help trick yourself to save your money.
For some, trickery might not be necessary in order to succeed in saving money. For
others, saving money can be a difficult task and that’s where knowing your options
might make all the difference. Below are different ways that you can save money, just a
little at a time, without feeling like you are parting with a big chunk of your paycheck.
All these options are available at various financial institutions (aka your bank). If it’s not
available at your bank, shop around for the bank that will best suit your needs and
support you on your journey to savings!

Pre-authorized transfers

With this option, you decide to transfer a specific amount of money on a specific day,
on a recurring basis. That means, for example, that if you are getting paid every
Thursday, you could set it up so that on every Thursday 10$ gets put into your savings
account. You only set this up once and then the system does it on its own so you don’t
need to deal with it or even think about it.

Transaction based transfers

Some banks will offer you the option to transfer a very small amount every single time
you make a transaction. For example, every time you use your debit card, you could have
it set up so that 0.50$ gets transferred into your savings. A couple cents here and there
(or more if you wish) really doesn’t feel like that much when you are spending anyways,
and before you know it, you might have some savings growing.

Points or cash back credit cards

If you are going to be using your credit card and if you are going to be spending money
(and lets face it, you do need to spend money if only to gas up and eat), do use a cash
back or points cards to maximize your return. When you accumulate a certain amount
of money, use that cash and put it directly into your savings!
There you go! 3 easy ways to put some money aside for a rainy (or snowy) day!


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