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3 Tips For Negotiating Better Prices

In many places around the world, the price you pay for something is the price you pay for something. Most of us wouldn’t dream of negotiating with a waiter regarding the cost of our evening meals and bottles of wine, for instance.

Yet when it comes to second-hand selling, buying from markets, or even purchasing from other people online, negotiations can be ideal for saving money and increasing value. Here are a few means by which to negotiate a better price:

First Offer A Lower Price Than You’re Willing To Pay

If you can low-ball the offer you give then when you negotiate to the price you’re actually willing to pay. The other person will feel that they’ve been able to talk you into paying more than you wanted.

Consider Bundle Deals

Often, sellers will be so happy to make a few sales at once that they’ll be open to the idea of a combination deal. If you head to your local market and purchase a range of groceries, you may be able to ask to round the final price down to the nearest ten dollars. More often than not, they’ll comply just to make the sale.

Trading Can Help

Sure, we no longer live in a barter system, but it could sometimes be that trading in or offering your own goods for a discount could help you save cash. If you’re at an antiques or vintage sale for instance, you may be able to offer your own item to a collector, as well as some funds, in exchange for a worthwhile item you’re interested in.

With this advice, you’re certain to negotiate better prices going forward.


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