Here Are 3 Easy Ways Save Money On Your next Vacation Getaway

We know, you just finished the holiday vacation. Let’s be real though, you’re already thinking about your next vacay. The break is never long enough. So instead of just daydreaming about your next vacation getaway… we can help you make it happen! Even (especially!) if you’re on a tight budget.

1: Carryon

If you’re taking a plane, then this is the tip for you! Airlines, even budget airlines, charge a ridiculous amount for you to check your baggage. It can be as much as $30 dollars! That’s 3 lunches you could be having at your destination! Instead, save that money and bring a backpack. If you’re going for a week, you really can make do with a couple shirts and an extra bottom. We often pack way more than we need, but it isn’t always necessary. Packing lightly and bringing just the necessities is an easy way to save money on airline fees while travelling.

2: Flight booking apps/websites

There are many free apps and websites that you can use to find your flight at its cheapest. It’s always cheaper if you take your vacation during an off-season month (October is usually one of the cheapest times to fly!) but usually it’s cheap because it’s hard to get vacation at that time. If you work a job with a pretty inflexible schedule (like most of us do), try using an app like Hopper. It’s a flight price prediction app. You can add your dream trip in the app and it will send you a notification when the prices drop and it’s the best time to buy! You can also use websites like Flighthub, Skyscanner, or Kiwi. Just go on the website, plug in when and where you’d like to fly and it’ll find you the cheapest airline flights for those dates! It’s like having the fastest and most efficient travel agent money can buy… for free!

3: Grocery Stores are your Friend

One of the easiest ways to save money on a trip is to have snacks in your purse or bag while walking around visiting. What most people impulsively buy while travelling is snacks around tourist sites. These cafes and snack bars may be convenient, but they know it! So the prices at these locations tend to be super high. Instead, hit a local grocery or convenience store and buy some granola bars and water bottles to bring with you.
Happy travelling!


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