3 Easy FREE Ways To Get Fit And Healthy After The Holidays

You’ve said yes to every slice of pie, delicious meal, and glass of wine during the holidays, and you’ve enjoyed every minute of it! Calories don’t count during the holidays, everyone knows that! However, there is no better time than the new year to get fit and healthy again.
You’ve just made your New Year’s resolution, but you’ve also just spent more money than you’d like to admit on presents. Gym memberships are motivating, but they’re also quite pricey. Here are three cheap ways you can get fit without spending a dime.

Free Online Workouts:

YouTube is free, y’all! So make good use of it. There are many YouTubers who give super great workouts! You want to try yoga in the comfort of your own living room? Go for it! You want to try Zumba, but you’re afraid people will see how uncoordinated you are? No worries! You never have time to go to the gym? Now the gym is your house! Get to it! Your schedule is tight, and you just want a quick HIT workout? YouTube’s got it. Go see for yourself! No pricey gym membership needed!

Try out a free calorie counting app:

You want to watch what you’re eating, but without the price of Weight Watchers or Noom? No worries there are many other calorie counting apps that are easy to use. Usually they will be free, and will offer a premium account for a yearly fee or per month basis. Honestly? The basic app is usually enough to get you started on the right track. The best part is they can even help you set your weight loss goals! It’s like having a free personal life coach at your fingertips.

Meal Prep:

It may seem obvious, but it helps you save money on food, and eat better. If you make your meals ahead of time, you’re less likely to order takeout. You will also be in charge of exactly what you’re eating, and it’s more likely to be more healthy than all of the sugar added to those tasty takeout meals to make them that much more tempting. You also don’t have to worry about making food when you’re tired, just do it all on Sunday when you’re more relaxed.
Good luck on your free fitness journey!


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