Understanding Repaying Your Loan

It’s essential that you understand the terms of repayment when it comes to borrowing any money from anywhere. You must read all of the terms and conditions. Ensuring that you can adhere to them before you sign anything and get started on the loan process.
When you choose our company to provide your loan for you, you will be given the option of how many instalments that you want to pay in. We typically offer instalments in 3,6, or 12, depending on your situation. However, you will need to make all of your payments by the end of the term that we offer.

We encourage you to look at your financial situation.

Work out what is going to be best for you and then let us know based on your findings. Ensure that all of this information is included in the application form that you will need to fill out. Of course, if your application gets approved we will message you with all of the details of the loan, ensuring that you pay what you need to, when you need to.
If you do not make your repayments on time, then you are going to be subject to interest on these payments. Check the specific conditions of your loan to find out how much this is going to be.
If you need more help with the application or understanding the repayments on your loan, get in touch with us.


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