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How to Decorate on a Budget

If you’re looking to turn your house into a home, decorating plays a major role. Home decor helps reflect your personal sense of style. It also sets a certain tone and ambiance to a dwelling. Sure, most people would love to have a home that’s decorated perfectly with an unlimited budget. However, in order to remain financially responsible, many people create a budget and stay within the confines. If you’re decorating on a budget and don’t know where to spend the cash, there are a few tricks to remember.
1. Paint
When you’re decorating, one of the most powerful statements a room can make involves paint. While many people love to choose one color and use it on all four walls, this isn’t the only way. An increasingly popular trend is the statement wall. The statement wall allows you to choose the main wall in the room and paint it a dynamic color of your choice. The other three walls are painted in a neutral tone like white or eggshell. While paint is a great base for accessories like frames, decals and canvases, it can also stand on its own.
2. Get larger pieces second-hand
While you can certainly take out a loan with and stay diligent about paying it back, you don’t always have to purchase brand-new and expensive furniture. Some splurges like a fancy area rug or a well-made couch are nice to purchase new. A great way to save money in this area is through purchasing furniture second-hand. Go to your local thrift store and make a beeline for the furniture section. A simple wooden chest of drawers can easily be repurposed into an entertainment center. Just a few coats of paint, high gloss and some new knobs will create a chic and unique piece for the living. Couches are easy to re-use as long as there is a sturdy slipcover to go on top. Now, if the couch stinks, don’t buy it. If it’s still in fairly good condition, it’s a deal to jump on.
3. Try the DIY route for accessories
Accessories are the elements that take the decor up another level. Accessories for decorating include curtains, lampshades, pillows and candles. Pillows can hold a pretty hefty price tag. In order to avoid the expense, just purchase your favorite fabrics and create an envelope pillow. There are tons of tutorials online and these pillows will save you tons of money.


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