5 Best Free Resources for Homeschooling During Lockdown

HomeschoolingDue to the COVID-19 pandemic and drastic changes in the world; people are doing their best to adapt and cope with the “new norm”. This basically means carrying out most of our life (including homeschooling) from home. With the closing of most institutions, including some schools and classes; parents are finding it difficult to keep their kids involved in a fun educational environment. This is especially true when kids are attending online school.
Whether you are already homeschooling your child, don’t know how, or you feel your child losing interest in school or drifting away from their education, these resources might be just what you need.

Free Homeschooling Resources:

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an educational non-profit organization that provides free online tools for students (K-12). Hosted on Youtube as well, it teaches through short lessons in the form of instructional videos. It’s a personalized platform made to suit everyone’s pace. It provides math courses, economics, reading & language art, science, computing, arts & humanity, as well as test prep and life skills.


Funbrain is an educational game-based website that uses fun activities to teach children (Pre k-8th) math, grammar, science, spelling, and history. It has five sections; games, reading, videos, playground, and math zone. Because of its effective teaching techniques, it keeps your child focused and entertained at the same time!

Storyline Online 

Storyline is a literacy website for children, containing a wide and diverse story selection. What’s so special about this one, is that it’s read by famous people. For example, Oprah Winfrey reading “The Hula-Hoopin’ Queen”, Jaime Camel reading “Zombies Don’t Eat Veggies”, or Viola Davis reading “Rent Party Jazz”! Your child can watch the animated video while listening to the story and reading the words which is an active way to comprehend and acquire new vocabulary.

Chrome Music Lab 

Chrome Music Lab is a music learning website that “helps children to explore music and its connections to art, math, and science” according to their website. What I like the most about it is that it offers the child a variety of fun experiments to try and learn, including shared piano, song maker, rhythm, harmonics, melody maker, chords, and more!

The Children’s Poetry Archive 

Children Poetry Archive provides over 100 poems read aloud (mostly by the poets themselves). It covers poems from many famous poets, such as Charles Causley, Dennis Lee, Ella Duffy, Joseph Coelho, Michael Rosen, and many others.
If those 5 homeschooling resources weren’t enough, here’s a list of honorable mentions appropriate for kids from pre-k to the 9th grade:

Have you checked any of these recourses? If yes, what’s your favorite? Tell us more about your experience with home education in the comment section!


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