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Last 90 days Bank Statement
Most Recent Paystub
ID with Picture and signature
Void Check
Proof of Residence

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Can I put a stop payment on instead of deferring a payment?

Customer Service

We do not advise it. You will incur a missed payment fee for any missed payment, which is greater than the fee for deferring your payment. Multiple stop payments on a loan will leave you with a file in poor standing, affecting your ability to be approved for future loans.

At what point will you withdraw the fees for a deferral?

Customer Service

The fee for a deferral will be collected on the date scheduled for your regular loan payment.

Can I provide my documents using cloud service links?

Customer Service

No. While digital pictures, screenshots and scans of your documents are all acceptable, we are unable to open links from cloud service providers like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, etc.…