5 Ways to Earn Money Quickly

Looking for some quick money, but not ready to volunteer to work overtime at your day job? At one point or another, there’s a good chance you might need to look for some alternative sources of income. If you find yourself in a financial tight spot, consider some of the ideas below. Depending on what you choose, you could even get unintended, additional benefits such as physical exercise or new community connections. If you’re in more immediate need of cash, a fast loan may be a choice to consider. This option would be particularly helpful if you lack the time to look for additional employment.

  1. Pet-sitting

Not eager to start babysitting? Do you love pets? Unlike kids, you most likely do not need to be watching someone else’s pet 24/7. Therefore, you’ll have plenty of free time in between visits. This flexibility means you can usually check on the pet once or twice a day according to your own schedule. If you’re really an animal lover, you could even start a dog-walking service. This can help you meet your daily exercise targets while simultaneously making some fast cash.

  1. Get rid of your junk

As mundane as this might sound, it’s easy to forget about what’s been lying around your home for months. If you haven’t used it and have even forgotten it exists, you might as well find it a new home. Maybe you have some summer dresses that you haven’t worn for years. Or a pair of earrings you were gifted but never wear. Depending on where you live and how much stuff you have to sell, you may want to have a garage sale. Make it neighbourhood-wide if you want to attract more interest. This is a great way to make some cash if you’re too short on time for a side job.

  1. Take out a quick loan

Maybe you have exhausted other options or simply do not have the time to take on a few side gigs. If you are seeking short-term funds, consider getting a fast loan, such as one offered by Eastern Loans. You could get a direct deposit of $500-$1000 within 24 hours. Just submit the quick loan application, which can be found here. You need to have a steady minimum monthly income and fulfill a few other requirements. As well, you’ll have to provide some supporting documents such as photo ID and a void cheque. A bank statement showing transactions over the last 30 days and a copy of your last pay slip are also required. Worried about not being able to pay back your loan by the deadline? No problems there, as Eastern Loans gives you the option of renewing your fast loan.

  1. Leverage your talents

Are you an avid photographer? Are you a master cake decorator or baker? Weddings, corporate events or other special gatherings are always in need of professional food or photography services. Do you have a passion for painting or playing a musical instrument? These are both talents that you can teach to others, helping you hone your skills for a profit.

  1. Get moving!

Literally. If you have a car or a bike, and a smartphone, you have what it takes to deliver food or people. With flexible hours, you could be delivering pizza or sushi any day of the week that suits your schedule. Joining the ever-growing Uber fleet is another option if you live in a relatively densely populated area. Get behind the wheel a few days per week, or if you’re busier, just during major events in your area. After all, your schedule is completely up to you!


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